Specialty Aquatic Programs, LLC



Deep AquaFit: Deep water provides serious resistance to our whole body. This class is
high-intensity with no impact. Most of this class will include deep-core work as well.
Flotation support is recommended, which we provide. This is an intermediate to advanced level class.

Dynamic AquaFit: Dynamic means energy in motion with a continuous variety of changes
to complete a full-body workout. Intermediate level, but the teacher will modify it for beginner level.

Duo Depth: Created by request from our core aquafit members, this class format is designed to keep you on your toes. Dive into a deep water workout for part of the class, while grooving and dancing in the shallow end for the other part of the class. With Duo Depth AquaFit, there's never a dull moment! This inclusive class welcomes all levels.

Gentle AquaFit: This is not your typical water fitness class. No need to get your hair wet in
this Aquatic Specialist-led and fun class with a therapeutic twist. Exercises are done in shallow water, focusing on target areas such as the core, butt/hip, and posture. The overall goal of the class is to empower students to maximize the benefits of the water through exercise, at your tempo. Beginner to intermediate level. Great for Seniors.

Lap Swim: Classified as exercisers who swim continuously in a circle swim or lane.
Water Walking: Classified as vertical exercisers who use a consistent area of a lane and may include water walkers.

Yin & Yang AquaYoga: Led by a Certified Aquatic therapist. This class focuses on using
oppositional forces to create balance from within while using the hydrodynamics of the water.


Adult Swim Club: This club allows adult swimmers to be part of a team, with coached
workouts. Ideal for intermediate to advanced swimmers. U.S. Masters club status pending.

Therapeutic AquaFit (NEW): Discover the power of healing water in our warm pool at our
Northville location. You will experience a mix of Ai Chi, intense balance work,
strengthening, and endurance exercises during this low-impact workout.


Private lessons/bookings: Custom schedule with 1 student + Lead-Assistant team with
individualized goals important to student and caregiver. Fill out this form for your private booking request. Private adapted swim lessons for kids and adults with Autism, developmental delay, and Physical disabilities will be matched with a certified teacher in adapted swim lessons.

S3 Montessori Pre-Primary & Me: The ultimate student + caregiver class that will transform
your child into a water-smart superstar! With a focus on Montessori swim stations and personalized attention, our program is designed to help your little one learn their own buoyancy and essential self-survival skills in the water. Our encouraging instructors will guide your child through each step, ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning experience. Enroll today and watch your little swimmer blossom into a water-smart champion! Also available, S3 Montessori Pre-Primary & Me Early Intervention for kids ages 2-6 with special needs.

S3 Stroke School: Designed for intermediate swimmers who can conquer a full length of
the pool, this exhilarating program will take your swim skills to new depths. With a focus on the four competitive strokes - freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly - you'll make a splash in no time. Our fun challenge-filled classes are perfect for kids who want to refine their skills without the pressure of competitive swimming. Whether your child is a talented athlete or simply loves the water, our Stroke School will have them gliding through the pool with confidence and precision.

S3 Swim School-Montessori Masterclass Deep H20 + Jr. Lifeguard focus: This class is for
Intermediate to advanced level students with a focus on deep water survival and Jr. lifeguard program.

S3 Teen Beginner Swim Lessons: This class is for swimmers ages 7 grade and up who
cannot yet swim the full length of the pool, developed breath control, or need flotation.

Adult Swim Lessons: Check that box off your bucket list, because it is never too late to learn
how to swim. With over 80% of the world covered by water, the time is now to learn. We specialize in the fearful adult swimmer. This class is a small group of 3, modeled after the Masters Adult Learn to Swim program.

Stay & Play Lesson add-on: Extend your child’s lesson to a full 90 minutes where they have
extra time to play after class and a little extra help with what they just learned.


Aquatic Bodywork: Aquatic Therapist applies hands-on techniques that provide quick
results. Ideal for: Chronic pain, PTSD, post-injury/surgery, athletes, neurological and
orthopedic conditions.

Aquatic Therapy: Private sessions for people who have a variety of issues affecting their
daily lives. The client is assessed and the aquatics treatment plan is designed to include personal goals, and recommendations from the treatment team and Aquatic Therapist. Ideal for: Neurological Conditions such as TBI, SCI, Parkinson's, MS, CP, Fibromyalgia, Post or Poly Trauma, Post Physical Therapy, Chronic Pain, and Orthopedic issues.

Therapeutic Aqua Clinic: Aquatic Therapist led the small class to help empower you to
overcome chronic pain or degenerative issues to the foot, knee, hip, back, and or shoulder. A great option for pre-surgery safe exercise and post-operative recovery or if you are not quite ready for a traditional group exercise program.

*These services are HSA Reimbursable with a Physician's script


Family Swim: This is an open swim time for our members to enjoy pool time this summer.

Toddler + Caregiver Play Swim: This is an open swim time just for young kiddos ages 6
months to two years with a caregiver. This is a very important time for babies and toddlers to be introduced to water play and fun in the water. See Pre-Primary instructional class for kids ages 2 and up.
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